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I have best and very impressed PHC staff. Everybody was very beneficial and took outstanding proper excellent care of me during the whole process.
- Mr. Sahil Khan

Ashish Duggal is one of the nation's management in using the newest methods. Needed remedial hair thinning transplants the process was mastered and acceptable.
- Mr. Ashish Duggal

Publish hair surgery treatment I had a professional Mr. Mahim Gupta took proper excellent care of it very effectively!!"
- Mr. Mahim Gupta

The whole employees, from Dr. Gaurav Bhatia were incredibly expert, looking after and effective. Nothing was remaining to answered of all treatment!
- Mr. Gaurav Bhatia

I have had best idea of hair transplants at Pawan Gaur Healthcare and all treatment were very beneficial. I have been happy with our expert team.
- Mr. Pawan Gaur

The physician and his team are outstanding experts and they provided me outstanding guidance.
- Mr. Rama Solanki

You will be satisfied with profession and highly expert employees and structured workplace. After analyzing other hair clinic we found phc hair clinic is best one.
- Mr. Amit Kaushik

Overall, this was my first medical treatment and while I was quite nervous everything went as described and as excellent as my best situation!
- Mr. Prem Kapoor

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